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I'm a Flight simulator wacho.  I Fly virtualy any plane i can get my hands on. All I need is plane, a runway, and a place to put the computer :).

I've been flying air planes on the copmuter since they invented them.

Flight simulators
They say that you allways rememeber the first time...
Well, my first simulator was a F-15 simulator, on the Apple IIE. it was the first time i was introducted to flight simulators. for that game i bought my first joystick.

--- The DOS era.
The next were on PCs, starting from the 8086, the first version on MS flight sim (monocrome), and a F-16/F-18 that was cga (big improvments!) which gave me tons of fun flying time.

The next jump was for Chuck Yegers flight sim, which started to teach the touch of combat flying and the nack for shooting down german fighters... ;)

Another game the Aphache GunShip (the pre-cursor to the other apache simulators) was another work of art.
It was the first game i played in tandem with my friends. one would take the joystick (which had two buttons to control firing and weapon selection), and the other would man the keyboard (to lock on targets and realse chaff, flares, etc.)

The first of the famous flight simulator series of this century. endless hours of shooting CGA pixels on the screen that reperented MIG-21's :)

--- Windows 3.11
with the first windows os coming out microsoft quickly made a version of their flight simulator to run on it and force to you upgrade the copmuter. which was fine since it meant that you will finally have could run games better. but in windows of course. you had to clear 560K form the base 640K ram, to be able to run....
that means clearing all the resident memory for drives and TSR's before you could run a heavy game like MS flight sim 3.0

more to come.....
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IAF Phantom
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