North Mason Professional Firefighters
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Chartered in September 1998, IAFF Local 3876 exists to progress and protect the rights and privileges of its' members.  The local body currently consist of 13 dedicated and hard working members, all employees of Mason County Fire District No. 2 in Belfair, Washington.

While our life, union, and fire service experiences vary greatly, we all share several goals and visions as a union:

1.  To protect our members.

2.  To be a powerful and positive force within the community we serve.

3. To provide support and assistance to our union brothers and sisters worldwide.

We are all proud of our chosen profession, and equally proud in our affiliation with such a distinguished organization as the International Association of Firefighters.  We owe much to those who have come before us and perhaps even more to those who will follow.

Executive Board
Scott Cooper, President
Beau Bakken, Vice President
Jake Gillanders, Representative
Jeromy Hicks, Secretary
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PO Box 1412
Belfair, WA