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NHL Stats of Death
All stats updated at the end of the 2006 playoffs

2nd Annual Hockey Pool

Career Leaders in:

Regular Season Goals
Regular Season Assists
Regular Season Points
Regular Season Games Played
Regular Season Penalty Minutes
Regular Season Goalie Wins
Regular Season Goalie Shutouts
Playoff Goals
Playoff Assists
Playoff Points
Playoff Goalie Wins
Playoff Goalie Shutouts

A little Stanley Cup history

NHL Trophies and Awards
The Winning and Losing Team of the Stanley Cup Finals
Players who Scored the Stanley Cup Winning Goal
Stanley Cup Playoffs Game Seven Overtime Games
Goalie Single Playoff Season Shutout Record

Crazy pics of crazy people:

Scott MacGregor (Stanford Bay 4 Life)
Ian VanBuskirk (Jesus H!!!)
Eugene Chong (Lightin' some fires, stealin' some tires)
Chris Ford (Fordskin)
Derrick Timmons (Biggest pansy I know)
Stefan LeBrasseur (DJ Phat)
and of course, myself. (see the picture I drew when I was a kid)

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