IAI conducts investigations on behalf of the legal profession, insurance companies and private individuals seeking compensation for personal injury or damage through road traffic accidents, work related accidents, trips / falls, and sexual harassment.

We are Professional Accident Investigators, NOT Claims Assessors.


We can help with any Road Traffic Accident, whether you were the driver or passenger and sustained personal injury and/or damage to your vehicle.

Are you 100% sure the accident was your fault? - We can also help if a claim is brought against you, either to prepare a defence on your behalf, or to assess the claim's authenticity.


Have you suffered personal injury through a work related accident - cuts, broken limbs, burns..? We will investigate your accident to ensure your compensation.

Are you 100% sure the accident is ligitimate and happened in your work place? - We can assess fraudulent claims brought in connection with your business.

IAI provides a reliable and independent service...

  Comprehensive Reports

  Witness Statements

  Photographic Evidence

  Detailed Drawings  

  Comprehensive Accident Reports

  Defence Preparation

  Fraudulent Claims Assessed



If you are not 100% sure then call today without delay and have your accident investigated professionally.


Geographically our services at present cover mainland Scotland and Northern England.
Contact Us for further information:
Post 28 Elm Row, Leith, Edinburgh EH7 4RR
Phone (0131) 476 5227
Fax (0131) 476 5227
Email IAI@blueyonder.co.uk


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