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Discovery Camps is a registered charity run by volunteers which organises holidays for children in Dundee.
Camps are led by Christians from all walks of life with youthwork experience.
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Discovery Camps exist to (a) provide safe and happy holidays for children, especially those who might otherwise have no holiday; (b) present the Gospel to the children by clear simple teaching and by the witness of the life-style and attitudes of the leaders; ( c) encourage children to discover and develop their own leadership qualities with the prayerful hope that they may mature as converted, convinced Christians to serve the Lord in their own community.
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Discovery Camps came into existence in 1988 as an interdenominational organisation to serve the Church in the more deprived areas of Dundee by running summer camps.  In 1988, 54 leaders enabled 165 children to have a holiday.  By 1997 there have been over 100 camps attended by over 2000 children. The organisation is now a charitable trust: the trustees are Iain Carver, Mike Goss, William High, Anne Macdonald, David Robertson and Webster Simpson (chairman).
Mid Craigie Parish Church

19th Dundee Girls` Brigade

Brechin Diocesan Youth
The planning and preparitory work for the camps is organised by Webster Simpson - the Camps Co-ordinator: Fundraising, recruiting leaders, booking the children, arranging supplies of food and equipment for the camps, organising transport, arranging and maintaining accommodation, liasing with camps and parents, praying . . . and anything else that needs done.  Fortunately he has a very understanding wife, Margaret, who is also active in camp organisation.
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