Sonny Kamberi
This is my chess webpage.  Please visit here in order to view my analysis of master games, tournament results, or any other chess information I find of interest.
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See my games from the 2000 Arkansas Championship
See my games from the Bill Lange Memorial
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See my games from the 2001 Texas State Championship
Dr. Ali Mirafzali, a computer chess enthusiast, has challenged me to a two-game 30/90, SD/60 match against his chess program, Gnupatzer.  The first game Gnupatzer-Kamberi is now complete and resulted in a 69 move win for Black.  See the game.
Click here for information about the 2002 Texas Masters Chess Tournament, April 12-14, 2002
Click here to take my endgame tutorial-these are the endgame positions that every player, of whatever level, should have memorized.