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This is a calculated lunisolar calendar based on the calendar of the Ancient Greeks particularly that of ancient Athens. You'll find explanations of the calendar's mechanics and a list of Ancient Greek festivals and religious observances.

On this page you'll find a bit of background to the calendar's creation, some hints for navigation, and a table of contents.

Please note that you will not be able to find a book on the ancient Athenian calendar and expect that the day marked, say, 4 Pyanepsion for a particular civil/Gregorian day will necessarily be 4 Pyanepsion by this calendar this calendar is a modern calendar for the use of modern Hellenic Neo-Pagans and others who are interested.

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How It Started

A friend of mine asked me for advice on creating a calendar for the culture in the fantasy/sci-fi novel she is/was writing. I suggested, from what I knew of the culture in question, that the calendar be a lunisolar one. She immediately dubbed me "He Who Knows All About Calendars" (ha!) and asked me if I would create this calendar.

I received enormous help from Remy Landau and his Hebrew Calendar Science and Myths website, which I highly recommend to anyone interested in calendar mechanics and mathematics.

Then a couple of Pagan friends of mine got wind of this and asked me if I could base a calendar on the Ancient Greek calendar which seems reasonable enough, given that we are all Hellenic NeoPagans, but which honestly hadn't occurred to me before. Meanwhile, my book-writing friend had a major family crisis and put her book on indefinite hold.

So here we are.

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You'll notice three buttons on almost every page:

Note: A few months ago, the site has changed hands. If you wish to email the previous owner, please do so at lingoman@hotmail.com. The current editor of the site is now Kyrene, and you can email me at KyreneAriadne@yahoo.com.

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Hellenic Neo-Pagan Calendar

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