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Birthdate: April 29th 1978

Once upon a time… I lived and worked right in downtown Seattle, two blocks from the Pike Place Market. My career was in IT (Information Technology) Project Management. BAH! I really hated being a corporate drone - I saved all my pennies and escaped from the concrete rat race. As of May 2007, I am in Seattle working again and am on a very radical savings plan to make my dreams a long-term reality.

My interests also include homesteading, knitting, organic gardening, writing, travel, sewing, drawing, spinning wool, quilting, walking in the rain, hermitude, singing out of key, fruitless research, coffee indulgence and opinionizing. =) I have great interest in pre -1950’s history, Paris, log cabins, do-it-yourself projects, recycling, composting toliets, solar panels, emergency medicine, volunteering in my community and plenty of other little fasinating unusual miscellaneous interests.

I use to be and still am a dedicated bicyclist, in 1999, I got hit by a car. If it wasn't for my helmet, I would be dead. Please wear a helmet when you ride.  Even if you are going just a few blocks, wear your helmet.

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"Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escapes those who dream only by night." E. A. Poe

JOB: Earning a "paycheck" to put money in the bank for the future.

ART: Pre-Raphaelites, B&W Photography, Native American Indian Flower Beadwork, U.S. Civil War, 1880 - 1915 Victorian Costuming

BOOKS: Anything about being self-reliant, back to basics, or the deteriorating state of society. Little House on the Prairie, Backwoods Home Magazine, Countryside Magazine, Spin Off Magazine, Nick Bantock, Robert Jordan, Wheel of Time series.

CURENT PROJECTS: Knitting socks, canning the vegetables from my organic garden, using an antique walking wheel to spin wool, washing laundry by hand, composting, setting up solar panels, playing in the snow.

WHERE AM I GOING: I love to travel by train! I've been to Germany, Hong Kong, England, Hawaii, Australia, Singapore, Alaska, Japan, Russia and the Carribean. I enjoy taking road trips across North America. I'm the sort who just packs a backpack, including my passport and heads to the airport with no predetermined destination.
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