Marlene E. Snider
Poetry by Addie Morgan
Walter Trout and the Radicals!
I am a Laryngectomee due to cancer of the vocal cords from smoking, I have a tobacco prevention program to try and educate our young people about the terrible consequences of tobacco addiction.
I volunteer for Tobacco Free Missouri, The American Cancer Society, The American Lung Association, and who ever else should call on me.
I am an active member of the Nu-Voice club of Greater Saint Louis.
I've started writing poetry again, the students and my children inspire me, please follow my links to read my thoughts and dreams.
Also please visit "Tobacco Kills" my web site that corresponds with my tobacco prevention program.
I have tons of dear friends and they know I love each and everyone of them, my family is the dearest thing to my heart, I have 3 children 3 step children, 11grandchildren, 2 greatgrandchildren and I'm still SOOOOO young!
I love all the kids, and all my friends, with all of my heart.
There have been this many wonderful people veiw my page...Thank You.
I was just recently made Secretary of the Nu-Voice Club of St. Louis, I designed a website for the club, Please feel free to "Check it out" Thanks...
Tobacco Kills!
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