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About Me

I am originally from the San Joaquin Valley but decided to attend school south of the valley.  I am
currently a graduate student in the credential program at California State University Northridge.  
If I'm not at school I am substituting for the Los Angeles Unified School District.  I have had the
opportunity to be a teacher assistant for two years and now substitute.  

On my days off I enjoy watching whichever sport that is in the season.  If I am not watching television I am
on the computer listening to my playlist or searching bands that I like.

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe that an educator helps to form a students life in different ways.  The classroom teacher
 is part of a students
life for nine months, which allows them to help guide a student to reach their
highest potential for that time period.  This can be in academics
and in life in general.  My job as
an educator will be to use every students potential to their advantage.  Every student
 it and should be able to use it.  


EED 515

This website was created for my Basic Technology Methods course at California State University
I have inputed various classwork that makes up this website.  Feel free to browse my work.

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