99 paid survey sites for Indians and others
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s.shiva kumar
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There are a large number of  market research companies particularly in  the US  and Europe. They seek your opinion and views on a variety of products and a host of services. In return, the companies reward you by  offering cash/products/gifts, etc. The cash incentive generally ranges from $ 2 to over $ 200, depending upon the type and duration of the survey questionnaire sent to you online. You are required to give your honest opinion and views.

To get survey invitations, you have to register with these companies. The registration is free and you need not pay anything to the market research companies for taking part in the surveys..  While some companies restrict registration only to a select few countries, others offer membership to most parts of the world.

I have surfed the Net, spent a lot of time  and  built up a data base of  99 market research companies that  offer membership to most countries, including India.   I have myself registered with all these companies recently and began receiving survey invitations.

I would like to share the data with you for a nominal cost. If  interested, please send a crossed  Demand Draft for Rs 200/- (Rupees two hundred only) on any nationalized bank in favour of  s.shiva kumar, payable at Hyderabad, India,  to the address given below. On receipt of the amount, I will send you the list of  99 websites of market research companies by e-mail. For non-Indians, the amount is  $15  (dollars fifteen  only) by cheque, with clearing facility in India.

Along with the DD, please furnish clearly your full name, postal address and e-mail  address and for my information please write where you got this site from with location .

Please note: Kindly do not ask me as to how much I have earned because I had registered with these companies only a week ago
Every company has its own terms and conditions and payment schedule. Please read these when you go to their websites and clarify all your doubts with the concerned company. I will only be giving the website addresses of these companies.

It's an honest service for you.


s.shiva kumar,
Andhra Pradesh, India.

Email: iam4surveys@yahoo.co.in

Website: www.oocities.org/iam4