What 's DSL?

DSL is an abbreviation of Digital Subscriber Line. It's a key technology that enables the 2 wire digital lifestyle.
In spite of the immense benefits of the Internet, you must have unpleasantly experienced being stuck in the traffic jam which waste your time to wait for the particular page to download, to wait for your modem to get connected to the Internet. This is not including those times you get irritated by busy signal or when you have to give up the use of the phone while you're surfing and much more. These are problems that exist in today situation using old kind of analog modems. DSL is the solution for you, to let you to bypass the traffic jam and get to your destination faster by using the different, faster and better road. You'll discover later that this road is also bigger!

"Facts about DSL"
DSL is fast:
With the maximum speed for downstream data which is 8 Mbps and upstream data that is up to 1 Mbps,
DSL modems are much faster than the analog ones.
It provides the users higher ability to download and
upload as fast as they want.
The only speed limit with DSL
is the distance between DSL modem and telephone exchange and the quality of the telephone line.

DSL doesn't tie up your phone line: DSL doesn't interfere with phone calls,although it uses your regular phone line. It means that you can be online and you can pick up the phone and make a call on the same line at the same time. You will never miss phone calls or have to log off the Internet to call someone and then log back on when you are done with the call.

DSL is always on: Your DSL connection is round the clock. There is no need to dial up to the network and wait for your modem to squawk every time you want to be on the Internet. Moreover, there is no irritation by the disconnection when you are in the middle of downloading.
You can check your new e-mail by setting up your computer
to notify you when you receive something instead of logging in
and checking it yourself and just open your browser and look whenever you want to surf the Internet. With DSL,
you are always online!

DSL is reliable: Phone company networks are among the most reliable in the world, experiencing only small period of downtime each year.


"DSL adventages"

As the world today is based on
"the faster you are, the better you be",
Q-net provides you a smart way to be better by offering you the faster speed. Your upstream and downstream will be higher with the new way to connect to the whole world that allows you to surf net as fast as you want -beyond your imagination! Q-net provides you the "ready to go" connection by using your existing telephone line, you don't need to dial-up and log on, just one click and the Internet world is at your finger. With the maximum speed for downstream which is 8 Mbps and upstream which is 1 Mbps, almost everything is possible. You will no longer need to wait for the web page to download, you can connect to anyone around the world. By using Q-net, most of Internet stuffs are generated easier and faster!

In the world of technology, educational opportunities for our children do not restrict themselves only in the classrooms. Q-Net offers school the information superhighway at an affordable cost , allowing students to spend less time waiting and more time learning.

By using Q-Net, students can download and upload data at the speed of 8 Mbps and 1 Mbps, respectively, which is about 100 times faster than current analog modems and more than 40 times faster than ISDN. Moreover,
Q-Net is cost-effective compared with those systems. Therefore, it's possible
for schools to use Q-Net to connect to and from the Internet, other schools,
community colleges and university, local and national libraries,
homes of teachers and other students and district offices.

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The Internet High Speed Access
To make the right decisions, modern business needs high quality information. But the frustraing 'drip, drip' of the 'World Wide Wait' prevents most companies from exploiting all the online resources available to larger rivals.

Q-NET equalises your opportunity.
Q-NET offers transfer speeds of up to 2Mbps - 40 times faster than an ordinary modem. Finally, the Internet has the power to satisfy the demands of every modern business.

Our high speed service offers:


Q-NET - the competitive edge for business.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Should you be wasting valuable minutes dialing-up before getting online? Wouldn't you rather receive emails just seconds after they're sent - instead of having to remenber to collect them?
Q-NET keeps your computers connected to the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This gives your company:


No one disagrees that 24/7 access to the Internet is the future. Shouldn't your business gain the competitive edge ahead of its rivals?

Conect and Network all office PC's
Tired of only having one office computer connected to the web? Shouldn't your employees have all-day access to email?
More than 1 billion emails are sent every day across the globe.
If your employees aren't connected to this vital communications method - you are missing a crucial advantage.
Q-Net lets you connect four PCs directly to the Internet and, with the addition of a hub, up to 20 PCs can be connected to the outside world with just one phone line.
With the addition of networking software you can create a network between your PCs allowing you to share files and e-mails as well as connection to the Internet.
Within days employees will be sharing information more efficiently, swapping files with clients and giving the instructions suppliers need to get the job done.

No more missed calls
Fed-up with being forced to log-off because someone needs the phone?
Want to send a fax while downloading e-mail and watching a video clip online?

Q-NET Home gives you the freedom to communicate with the world in any way you choose- from your living room, bedroom or study.

You can:


Q-NET - never miss an important call again.

A single FIXED monthly fee
Any business concerned with overheads needs to calculate the real cost of its employees accessing the Internet.
Q-NET is the answer.

Your business can have up to 20 PCs access the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a flat fee from just *13,500 Baht (ex VAT) per month (there are no Internet call charges).
Because Q-NET has a fixed monthly fee, the charging is simple to understand. And every month you know what you'll be paying - vital for financial planning.
You don't even have to worry how many employees use Q-NET- the **13,500 Baht payment covers everything. And you don't have to change your existing TOT line.
Let Q-NET keep Internet charges under your control.