South Metro Singles
Our Mission

South Metro Singles is a newly created professionals group designed to allow singles in the Southern Metropolitan Twin Cities MN area to get together for planned activities.

In researching available singles groups in the Twin Cities, events were either organized in too large of a region for people to live around the same area, or were religiously affiliated, or had a high entry fee to join.

South Metro Singles is designed so that professionals in their 30's & 40's can meet and on a regular basis with familiar faces of people who live and play in the same area.
Planned activities for professional singles in the south metro area.  If you don't know many singles in your area, we're here to help!

Simple email us and we'll send you an enrollment form.

Once you're signed up, communication on activities will be provided via email.
Email us!

There is no initial cost for enrollment.  Fees include cost for activities only.

Send all comments, suggestions and ideas to:

Activities include dining out, dancing, happy hours, comedy clubs, theatre & art museums, walking in parks, etc.

Planned activities are based upon input from our members.  Your interests and feedback are important for the success of this organization.  Suggestions are welcome.