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Funny Files

This is a Depository for Funny Files, Pranks, Movies,

Games and a few Screen Savers.

Did you ever wish you could get even with
that prankster? Well here are some files
I have found while surfing on the net that might help!
Put one of these pranks on your desktop and change the icon:
by right clicking on the icon and select properties , And then the
change icon button , HeHeHe.

You Are Visitor #Counter

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If you would like to add to the madness please feel free to send me a file!

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BRUN300.dll  : Needed to run some of these files.
Frog in a Blender  : Click your mouse on the speed controls .
Crazy Icons  : They move around on your desktop.
Drifting Icons  : Makes your icons drift around on your desktop.
Sand  : Turns your desktop to sand art.
Dog  : Cars fight back. (MPG)
Alien  : Test to see if there are any around.
End of Year Bonus  : Click on the button to see your bonus .
Elf Bowling 1  : Fun bowling game . (Shareware)
Hypno  : Run the program and stair at it for 30 second and then look
                      at your hand , Funny .
Reverse  : Changes mouse from right to left handed.
Nprank  : Fake delete.
Meaning  : Do you know the meaning of life?
Heat   : Your desktop melts.
Darts  : Play a friend. (Freeware)
Desktop toys : Destroy your desktop.
AOL  : A little aol humor.
Air Hockey  : Play against computer. (Freeware)
Mad Cow  : A test to see  if your meat is bad .
Stress Reducer  : Nice desktop toy !
Internet Chess Game  : Play friends on-line. (Freeware)
Wild Bill  : Bill  Clinton does Cat in the Hat.
Kilroy  : He peeks up at you when you are working .
Fake delete  : Will Fake out new users . He He !
Elf Bowling 2  : Shuffle board it should say. Try it! (Shareware)
Frogapult   : See if you can land him safely.
3D Funny Mirror  : Screen saver.  (Shareware).
Gun  : Shoot up your desktop.
Desktop 2 : Another desktop destroy game.
Karts  : Gokart racing game. (Freeware)
Kungfuim   : Can you get to the next level. (Freeware)
Vote  : Who will you vote for.
Winsnipe   : Another desktop destroyer.
Acid Saver  : Nice screen saver.
Snow for Windows  : Cool saver.
Lcars  : Star Trek saver.
Animated Cursors : Change your cursors to these animated ones.
Warp  : Neat saver.
Sneaky Icons  : Better watch them!
Earth Quake  :  Rearranges your icons.
Aol Im  : Another Aol  Prank.
Pendulum  :  Just Like The real one in stores.
Basketball :  Play a game of Cat?
Snow Ball Fight  :  Cold Action Packed.
Water Fall  Freeware Saver.
Simon : Follow The Light..
Monoply : Great Game (animated).
Computer Terms  Technology For country folks.

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Specially for April Fools:

Deep Blue : April Fools Joke.
Free Gift : April Fools Joke.
Magic Cards : April Fools Joke.
Satellite Photo : April Fools Joke.


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