Abhinandan's Ratings
Gamecube is one of the leading game consoles at the current time. It has great and a variety of games which makes it famous. It is a product of Nintendo.It is  portable and even has a handle. Click on the link above to see my ratings for gamecube's games. I also have reviews on some of the best games in gamecube.

My Rating-10/10
XBOX is also one of the top three game consoles of the current time. This product is made by the famous gcompany microsoft. This probably explains its great graphics which make it different among the other ones. I'll have to admit though, it doesn't have that many games and most of its games aren't that great. Click the link above to see the games that are good and my ratings for them.

My Rating-8.5/10
I personally own this game console. It's the best! I highly reccomend it. It has both really good games and great graphics which make it overall better than the other game consoles It still cannot match the best qualities of the other game consoles though. The product is made by Sony. Remember to click the link  above to see the really cool games. I made reviews too on the best games . The controller design for this one is pretty good so thats why I like it almsost the most.

My Rating-10/10