Well as you've already probably gathered, my names Ema, but you's can all just call me 'm'.  I'm 19 (I just celebrated my birthday on the 31st December) and I'm from the Wirral.  It's bout 15mins train ride from Liverpool City Centre, tho for anyone who's interested, I aint noooo scouser!  lol

I'm putting this webpage together to basically let ppl kno more bout me and it can be my place were i can put all my pics for all you wunderful ppl to c.

I hope you Njoy this site, if not then tough shite, cos it's ma first one and I didnt really kno what I was doin!

This will get updateson a regular basis, but pweeze be patient!

Fankooooo peeps and Njoy!
Lil 'm's Webpage
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Don't worry peeps, this aint me!
lol, stoopid yahoo wont let me upload my own pic  :(
Email me: iamahussyuk@yahoo.co.uk