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~ Kanon
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~ Marmalade Boy
~ Master Mosquiton *
~ Naruto *
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~ Peach Girl
~ Ranma 1/2
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~ Weiss Kreuz
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The * next to the series means I haven't watched the entire series yet, so I'm most likely not going to make a webpage for that series until I've finished it.

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Welcome to Ally's Anime Alley. I'm your lazy webmistress, Ally ^_^ Well anyways... because I'm away for college, I won't be able to update my site much... I'll try to update as much as I can ^_^

Here, you will find mostly lots of summaries on the series and of course, lots of pictures... but I've been too lazy to upload them... *hears the evil cries of the anime surfers... ^_^;*

Well anyways... here is my lil bitty corner of the internet where I have a site dedicated to the anime I have seen and liked...

Please note... I do not own the pictures to the series... I got them off of other people's websites-- but some, such as my logo, I do own... ^_^

Oh, my anime bishies! Where art thou?! *webmistress runs around the site looking for her lovers* Gotcha! *pounces on an unsuspecting Kenshin* WOO HOO! I caught myself a hot Kenshin ^_~


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