An American Tragedy
~America Under Attack~
SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

Our country was attacked by extreme terrorists.

They did Great harm, they hurt us, we don't understand any of this, but we shall over come!

This past week, my emotions have run the gammet.  I've cried until I thought I had NO more tears to cry.  I've been terribly angry, but mostly I've felt great pride in my country and her people.

I've watched the American people's strength, and rebound from this horrific attack.
I've tried to understand the how and why of this attack, but I don't believe any of us ever will.

So I am giving my all to this site.  I'm not doing it to impress anyone.  I am doing it for myself.  It's turned into a therapy, and it's helping.  Yes, in making this site, I am reliving the horror, but I am also coping.

So now, if you'd like, please visit this, my escape, my tribute to my country and her great people.