Sunday, September 05, 2004
MONSTER ALLERGY ROX! Another magazine I need to buy each month. That means $9.80 per month on mags. WITCH and this. But it really rox! I read the first issue and I'm loving it already! *wonders if michelle has read it...

Nothing much today, just made this new layout and yepps. Tagggg meee! XD I'm getting kinda desperate, aren't I? Just tag me ok XD I bought The Race for the Lost Keystone yesterday...interesting book, though I haven't gone past the first chapter XD It's books, books, booooks! XD

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 Friday, September 03, 2004
Today we had a new Maths teacher...MISS CHOW! She teach maths veri goood xia! I can memorise there's obtuse, acute and reflex angles XD And I assure you I DON'T HAVE THE LECTURE NOTES WITH ME. hee. 

This is the beginning of the September holidays. A TOTAL beginning of my relaxed world XD But then, *poof* Nine days later, we're back at school. Believe me, TIME FLIES. Esp. when you are just having all that fun, singing and stuff...... 


Now you get the idea. We sang Auld Lang Syne (is that how you spell it?) for Mr Ang coz erm...he's leavin? lol. You gotta tag me! I KNOW you wanna tag me XD

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 Thursday, September 02, 2004
Everyone link Fathiyah. I made her a blog and you HAVE to link it. XD Though there's no posts yet...go tag! >> 

Oh yar, btw, after Teacher's Day Celebration, went to KHS, saw Limei, Susuan, Tze lin, Jean, and Jun Wen...and of course the erm...girlish elysius {sp} XD We went to bugis junction with some pupils from 6/3. So many shops! Planning to buy someone a surprise from there. I gave Mrs Yong A PATHETIC PEN ONLY. Now that's sad. XD So many gifts I could have bought from gif-a-name lol. So we took neoprints...and yeps, as usual, I look so....BAD. Still I may be posting em here soon XD 

This post was requested by Lime i! XD Lastly, link Fath. See ya! XD

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I feel that today has gone so fast I like...can't believe it. I mean....TIME REALLY FLEW TODAY!!! 

Gosh. Ask my brain if you don't believe me. 
BRAIN - yeppers. i can recall... 

XD Anyway, I'm saving for a suprise for someone. Muawhahha. I'll be starving...$2 per day ok! Need at least like...$50 mah. If not buy what? Pathetic small eraser? Nopez. And Sec 4 prelims began lolz. Shhhhhh. Don't EVER EVER SCRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAM! You'll disturb em XD 

Lol. For the first time like ever, science was interesting today. Coz of this -- --- lever. Head = Load. Hair = Effort...and the Fulcrum = *aint gonna tell ya*....hah. I got 18/30 for my argumentative essay! *cries as she uses a magnifiying glass to magnifiy her marks*. I thought it was a sure 0/30! Then erm...Chinese test was easier than the previous one...yepps yepps. XD 

Bi bi! XD

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 Monday, August 30, 2004
Oooo...michie desperately wants a layout. Hee. She was what to go to 4I to give ada her letter. I mean HELLO! It's like...a letter only? Can't she pick the courage up? I have given so many countless XD ones to I help her give hehe. She must build up courage soon larz. Cannot keep relying on others mahx. own letters must give ownly XD

Tomorrow is teachers' day. Bought 2 90cents pens and 3 cards. 2 for primary school teachers, and one for miss lizah. pens for primary school teacher too. feel they need it more mahx. The rest...sorry, 1) I don't have the money. 2) I prefer giving it to them. Worth it, see :D hee.

Michie's bugging me on the layout. Hee see ya!

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Sunday, August 29, 2004
There is something SO terribly wrong with me. I went to Times the Bookstore just now and I wasted my time reading...POWERPUFF GIRLS COMICS! There wasn't much to read...except Roald Dahl's Matilda. Besides, I wanted to buy it, so I didn't want to read it. But I read POWERPUFF GIRLS COMICS. Michy, I need your pinch again. Anyway, I ate at Sushi Tei todae. Yum yum! Was like trying out all the sushi on the moving thingy. Except sashimi. I don't eat it. So terribly full after that lorz. New layout...inspired by...MY SCHOOL SHOES and A CINDERELLA STORY. hee. I'm watching it when it flies out September 2. Hope Syl. is better.

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