Mitsy Mae
I am a Peek-a-Poo!

Hi everyone!
My name is Mitsy, but I have many cute other names that my family and friends call me too, like "Little Girl", "Sweet Baby", "Little One" or "Sweet Pea". I was born July 28, 1998.

I only weigh 6 pounds, so I am small enough to go everywhere with my momma and daddy. I even get to go see my firends Cheryl and Connie at the hardware store. Sometimes we go to see my friends at the Credit Union. (They always have a treat waiting just for me!) Everywhere I go, I meet new friends! One of my favorite friends is Joe Slick, 'cause when he comes over for a BBQ he gives me STEAK! I LOVE STEAK!

I love going bye bye with momma when daddy is at work. While momma is driving downtown, I look out the windows. I just can't wait to see other puppies with their momma's and daddy's too. Sometimes my momma takes me to have lunch with daddy at work, and then we stop at Marymoor Park on the way home!

I have a big basket of toys, and I know the name of each one! I love playing with the hacky sack with my sissy. She plays with me a lot, and she has taught me things too, like counting and playing dead. She still thinks that she is lead pack dog over me, but I just let her think that. Every once in a while I forget to pretend, and she reminds me that I forgot.

I have my own kitty. Her name is Kiddin'. She was one of the barn kittens we had, but nobody wanted to take her home because she was a runt. So I took her! She's my kitty. I helped my momma take her to the vet to be spayed, and boy did I worry about her! Now she is full grown, and we are the same size. She is waiting for me everytime I go outside.

I try to get Kiddin' to come in the house with me to play, but that scares her. Everytime I go out to see her, I have to check her over to make sure she hasn't been hurt!

My groomer is Janice from The Happy Dog. I love her! I used to go to another groomer at a big store, but my momma didn't like how they made her leave me there alone with them. One day she came to pick me up from that place, and I was so scared, I shook for weeks whenever momma took me somewhere. I don't know how to tell momma what they did to me there, but she knows it was bad. She never takes me there anymore. Janice specializes in scared puppies, and she knows that I still worry about it. She is really patient with me. She gives me really pretty bows too, and pretty smelling perfume, and a treat. But best of all, she lets my momma stay with me!

Someday my momma and daddy think they are going to find me another baby peek-a-poo puppy for me to raise. They think I will be a good momma to a puppy!

Hope to see you again soon! ~Mitsy

Momma says I am old enough to have my own baby ducky!

I have to clean my baby ducky several times a day.

Uh oh! Baby ducky fell down!

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