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This page is about everything you always wanted to know, but never dared to ask me....


I'm Sebastiaan and I am 34 years old.


well uuhm: Astrophysics, Aries, nice, musical, ironic, empiric, very sweet, perfectionist,
sometimes sarcastic, pragmatic, sweet (they say), practical, most of the time positive minded.

Which results (as gossip goes):

  • That a life with me would be impossible (which Aries isn't (grin)), but since those so called friends still visit me, I won't change it a bit :p
  • That everybody is always asking me to play them some cello (and really it sounds awful!,
    I don't get it at all why they want to endure that, especially when I'm murdering a Reger suite or so)
  • People in horror find out I never were able to see the ideal or pleasing of Popular music..
    (ok, Queen can be enjoyable, sometimes, and Paolo Conte is funny, oooh yes I can be honest too!)
    So I never listen to it....

Have studied astrophysics, but weren't able to finish it.... yet !

I'm a fair cello player, and I'm always in for some quartet playing.
For me, music is a very important part of life. Some of my favourite composers (Dvorák and Chadwick) I gave a part on the net. Not only to give some catalogued summary of their work, but also to try making some order in the rubbish record companies leave this world.

According to Rob (Dutch)


If you're my boy,
I'll be your toy!
Life is just a game
And you're there to gain.
So come out and have a play
To celebrate that we are gay.
'Cause this playful toy-boy
Really needs some boy-toy!



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