Camp Pictures
I went to Seamus Watters' camp for a weekend. These are the pictures from that weekend. It was a really amazing time for me. I had so much fun, though, as the pictures show, I was drunk a lot of the time. The nutty thing is that I wouldn't have even been invited to go out with these guys if I hadn't gone to Tim's house the Tuesday night before and gotten terribly drunk. Seamus was there and he invited me then. I may have missed a day of work due to a hangover the following Wednesday but it was worth it to have gotten invited out to the camp!
This is a group picture taken from the first night. Thats me in the front. Beside me with the huge jar is Seamus, looking ridiculous and drunk. Behind Seamus is Stu, the girl in the blue top beside him is Megan, the girl behind herin the pink-ish top is Chanda, and behind her, with the cap on, is Shawn, Sarah's boyfriend. Sarah is taking the picture. The two guys to the right are Megan's brothers, both too young to be drinking, but HEY! It's back woods New Brunswick! What do you expect?!?
Ah yes, the 'ol Bra pictures. I had tried to teach the guys how to undo a bra with one hand, something that apparently comes quite hard to those with a Y chromosone. Seamus, being the goos sport that he is, volunteered to be the bra wearer for the group. Thus explains these pictures. Thats me beind Seamus. Below is a picture of Sarah touching Seamus while he wears the bra...... Well, you can't say we're boring!
This is just me sitting with Stu and Shawn... Exciting... Woo....
Now, this one actually has a bit of a story to it. The night before (the night of the previous pictures) we got trashed and then decided to go for a walk... well, the walk ended up being a really long walk all the way to the Bellisle Ferry and back. We, of course, rode the Ferry as well. Anyway, while on this walk Seamus lost his Swiss Army Knife. Now normally that would be a bit of a annoyance but the thing was that on that knife his keys to his camp and the keys to his work. Oops. So the next morning Sarah and I walked along the same route, including the ferry, in an attempt to find the keys. We found them by asking the Ferry workers if they had found any keys and they had. Then we took this picture as we rode back to land on the Ferry. I think we look cute. :) Thats me on the left. Note the messy hair - we had just got up and hadn't showered. Gross, I know, but what can you do. Anyway, thats the story for that picture!
This is a picture taken from the last night we spent there. I have no recollection of this picture being taken, if that is any indication of how drunk I was. We had played Drinking Jenga earlier and due to bad luck I ended up having to take like 8 shots in about 10 minutes. I was totally wasted. I thought I was going to puke but didn't. Anyway, this is a picture of us out on the deck post-drinking Jenga. Its was the only picture, save the one of Sarah and I on the Ferry (just above) that Sarah is in!
This is a picture of Sarah and Shawn. She had asked me to take a picture of the two of them... this is what it ended up being. Her holding on to him for dear life and him drinking a beer. She thinks its funny too. They are actually a cute couple. :)
This is me, Sarah, Seamus and Shawn (who is flexing - he isn't really that buff) on the windsurfer board in Bellisle Bay.