Pictures From the 2002 Fall Semester at MTA
Lindsay and I at Spirit Night!
In this picture I am laying on the ground of the parking lot... why? Because I am PUDDLE ROLLING! One of the few joyous activities that I like to partake in. He he he... :)
This me standing in my section when we decorated it for our house party. We undertook an "Austin Powers" theme, and what you can't see on the wall I am standing next to is that it reads "Do I Make You Horny?"
This is a picture of Lindsay and I going to Junior Prom. I wanted to go and because I don't have a boyfriend she decided to be my date. It was hilarious. It was nice of Matt, her boyfriend, to loan her out for the night. ;)
For Hallowe'en I was a ladybug. Cute, eh? The stupid thing is that when I left to go the bar I forgot my wings at home. :( Oh well. It was still a really fun night.
Allison and I at the pub.... we were both pretty drunk... he he he....
Me in my ladybug wings and a tinfoil helpmet I made when I was bored one evening. I was really proud of my helmet... actually I still have it... :)

By the way, the helmet got stuck on my head, all tangled around my hair.. it was a bitch to get off, believe you me.