Life isn't supposed to be boring. Whats the point of that?
Whether we live on in another form or just cease to be, Whether eternity is spent with God, orwhatever you believe.
When eternity comes, will I be satisfied, or will I regret, and wish, and dream and promise to never forget?
When all is said and all is done, all recessed into the sun, when all go home and all dismissed,
Only thinking of themselves, are they satisfied, or only worried of their health?
Would they go down the rabbit hole, let imagination giude them?
Place wishes upon every star, just in case somebody heard them?
But when we are gone it doesn't matter. Granted of not, forever secrets.
For all the wishes I could make, all in vien for lack of chance.
If I could only bend reality, force the motionless to dance.
Eat every mushroom. Let your creativity violently rape you.
And in the afterglow, be satisfied.
Imajuhn Productions
art by Jean-Michelle Basquiat