Done in pen and marker. Heh...the colors are off a bit on this one...for instance, in the non-scanned version his pants are a sort of aqua color. Oh well. Read the file name. Then listen to that freakishly weird "Too Sexy" song and you might get this somewhat. I'm too sexy for my cat. So much so that I don't have one; I'm allergic.
This was going to be the first in an upcoming series of comic strips simply titled "Sketchbook" that I was going to do, until I realized the plot was going absolutely nowhere. This was just one of those cases where I didn't feel right doing nothing but gags; as such, this probably won't be seen as a fully developed series. Ah well...Such is life, right? **A-hem** Yeah. Oh and this took a few hours to do.
This is some guy...doing a thumbs up...and it looks all funky. Hooray for Adobe Photoshop! (psst, he's doing to pose Sonic's doing on the cover of Sonic Advance, only from a different angle. i didn't really mean to do that, but there ya go.)
This was done for an art sketchbook project where we had to take three words from a list and put them together. I chose "Anti-Gravity", "Violence", and "Shadow". Mind you, "Anti-Gravity" was printed on the list twice...does that mean I did four words? Anyway, we could choose any medium, so I chose the computer. For those of you just tuning in, the three words are on the picture. Now go looksee.
A friend of mine (if you're reading this, hi!) wanted me to draw a tatoo for her (glee!) based off of one of my character . She saw a doodle i did of said character in "doll" style and said she wanted that, so... Anyway, this is the drawing, only this version is all funked up and nifty looking. Said friend also gave me the idea for his name :) Oh, and here's a more festive version.
This was an art sketchbook assignment; draw yourself or someone you know and do a Cubist portrait of them. Naturally, I went with someone else. If you know Ben, you know that that doesn't really look like him, what with the fact that I did the skin way to dark and whatnot. Whatever; everyone seems to love it anyway :P
Can you guess what this is? Can you? Can you? Uhh yeah, it's surrealism. 'Nother sketchbook assignment 'n stuff. Yeppers. Oh, by the way, it's violent and, errr, surrealist, and, errr, violent.
I'll bet you think this is a picture of candy, don't you? Well you're wrong! Uhh yeah, that's my dog. Part one of a two-part submission for an application to do caricature work for a weekend from March 2003. Yeah, just the one weekend. Still, it's pretty cool; I had to draw people and their pets, which is always fun. Of course, people just left photos of their pets for me to do while they went shopping (this was in Wal-Mart), and there was a very low turnout. Eh. Love how this one turned out, by the way.
This is part two of that caricature thing; I chose my sister as a subject. I'm not sure it looks like her though...
I loves this pic, I do. It just makes me smile all over that at some point in time i could do something so simple, yet so cool. (See? That's how drawing lines are supposed to work) Anyway, I went to Staples and got some Iron-On Transfer paper where you can print something onto it, then iron it onto a shirt, and I was gonna do a shirt of it. Hasn't happened yet.
This is the first drawing of my character "Switchblade" that I've ever inked, also the first time using the cool new cartoon inking pens I got...I thought it was good, so I scanned it. I like the coloring job on it, though it's not the very very best out there...whatever, I still like it :) (and if people could please suggest names for him beside "Switchblade" for me, I'd appreciate know, a regular name like "Bob" or "John", etc. I'm a little stuck in that department for him)
This was a picture I put on a shirt for a good friend of mine's birthday. I also wanna make one for myself and some other friends. I just like the picture tha-a-a-a-at much :)
A quick animation of some guy walking, aka "Stephanie is trying to be Don Hertzfeldt". It's not in the animation section because it's not Flash. That's my reasoning, anyway.
Quickie self-portrait, drawn while listening to Tenacious D, obviously. In fact, as I type this, I am listening to their album. Pure, unbridled rock.
Eh, I dunno.
This is a quickie "comic" I drew to get a feel for Scribbles, one of my lesser-acknowledged characters. I have ideas and ideas and whatnot, but no freakin' plot, so I can't do jack with him.
Color picture of Scribbles. Note the lazy background, taken straight out of some photograph I found on Google.
A random experiment I did with some screentones found online. Whoop whoop whoop (This one's drawn with a mouse, whoopee.)
What indeed.
Not much to say about this one either, except maybe... Yep.
Pretty lame attempt to draw the boys from South Park in a different style. Cartman not included because his fat ass wouldn't fit in the frame ("Hey!")