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Welcome to my all new, improved page.

If you just stumbled onto this page you are probably wondering where you are.  This is a page I created to tell a little about me and the things I love.  It is mostly to give mass updates to friends and family.  I also link to my page a lot when I post on the web on message boards.  On the internet I am usually known as ginabob.  If you are one of my web friends a special welcome and glad to know you. 

Who is Gina?? I have put a little bit of everything on this page.  I am hoping to add much more as I get the time. 
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Finally the long awaited pictures from my trip to Ukraine!!!
You can see my church's home page here.


If you go here you can see many of the people I love


If you don't see yourself here it isn't cause I don't love you.  It's just cause I don't have your picture... yet  : )
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Meet the Love of my life!!!! : )

Well have fun surfing the web. Stop by and see me again sometime. Things are always changing.


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