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i am a crossdresser. i live in Ft. Lauderdale. i am 55 and have been doing this off and on for almost 40 years. i love to dress as a woman.i love to wear high heels, short skirts and stockings.  i also love to suck cocks.   The pic on the left is me just before i went out and found the man in the story below.  5" heels, short skirt, long legs baby and a fucking COCKSUCKING ATTITUDE The pic in the middle is how i go jogging.  The pic on the right is when i went out to meet my Man in the other story down further, again with 5"fuck me shoes, short skirt   i added a new pic which shows His cock deeply shoved down my throat and my nose buried.
                                                                                 LOVE TO SUCK COCKS !!!    
Recently i met a fantastic Black Man over in my favorite place.  There is a small lake with a boardwalk around it.  At night the place is quiet, semi dark and no one around.  i got there early to check it out and i was walking along the boardwalk when He pulled up.  The excitement was building as i was not sure it was Him.  When He got out i saw it was but the excitement was still building.  He walked towards me and we exchanged greetings.  He sat down and told me to walk a bit.  i was shaking it for all it was worth.  He was wearing gym shorts and was reaching down playing and i said, Hey that is my job.  Get to it than bitch He said.  i dropped to my knees and pulled His cock out and started sucking right away.  i sucked Him all the way down and was swallowing His cock from the tip all the way down with my nose buried deep into His curly hairs.  He put His hand on top of my head and started pumping my head down.  His crotch came up as my head was pushed down.  i was almost gagging but as a professional Cock sucker i know how to Not gag.  i was sucking and swallowing for 10-15 minutes when i started to feel His cock start to swell up and i knew He was getting ready to cum.  i took one long breath and sucked Him to the max as He started pumping His hot cum deep into my throat.  i sucked Him dry and He got up said thanks and turned and walked away.  i felt like such a whore,  slut ,  cocksucker!!!!!!!!!!!!   Thats because i AM!!!!!!!!!!!!   
My hobbies and interests are COCKS!!!  i love to suck them  and have them deep in my throat.  WOW!!!!   This slut just loves it when a Man shoves my head down hard and FUCKS my face with His cock forcing me to swallow and have His cock deep in my throat the whole time He is Fucking my face.  My hobby is swallowing CUM!!!!!!! 
i met my friend over at my place again, this time it was semi darkness and still other cars etc.  i was on my knees sucking His cock when we heard voices coming our way.  He pulled up His pants and i got up just as 3-4 teenage boys were walking toward us.  i guess they saw us cause they were laughing.  The next thing i know i am being pushed back down and told to SUCK MY COCK!!! by Him.  i reach up, pull down His shorts and start sucking.  The boys stood and watched as He grabbed my head and began to FUCK my face.  When He started cumming He pulled out and shot His load all over my face and mouth.  Of course i had my mouth as wide open as i could and tried to catch it all.  The next thing i heard was Him telling the boys that for $ 5 they could get a great blowjob.  i am still on my knees and one of them comes over with 5 bucks and says sure.  i look up into the eyes of my Man and He looks down and says. Well cocksucker!!. start earning your keep.  i reach over and unzipped the boys pants and started pulling out his cock.  i was now officially a fucking slut, whore, cocksucker.  i sucked this boy cock which was fairy long and he was so excited he shot his load real quickly.  When done off they all ran laughing and calling me a fucking cocksucker.  He turned and walked away telling me next time i need to do them all.