The Life and Times of

Elivs Buford Persely

and the Utopia Trayler Park.

let me tell ya'll about me

I lives at the Utopia Trayler Park in Nawf Carolina.

My name is Elivs Buford Persely

Im not the famos one tho

My mom liked him, she met a man that

looked like him once.

hear is a pitur she made of him and

my ant flo

aunt flo n the fake elvis

now on to my life...

i live in nawf carolina

wif my mom n ant sara, n my sister tamyjo,

n my brotha BJ

here is a pitur of me

me..elvis in my koraty suit

this is me..I knows koraty

I taks koraty at the WHY

I gots a yeller belt..but

soon I hopes to get a blak one!

My bestest friend livs in the park

his name is jack

he likes womans and ther underpants

jack on his bed

jacks gots lots a girlfriends

hear is a pitur of my brothor BJ

bj at worktamyjo at her frends hous

n hear is my sister tamyjo

BJ was named that cause mom says

that's what she shoulda done the night he was conseeved

BJ works at the Phone componee and gits

to dress up in his sunday-go-ta-meetin cloths evryday.

Tamyjo dont work, but she gots money somehow.

hears my mom n ant sara (sara aint really our ant

shes moms special friend..but we call her ant)

mom is in the blu dress

they ben on granmas diet for a long time.

Moms the one in the ble dres..

she gots that new at walmart when thyer was a real gud sale

here is a pitur of my house at dah park

my hous

we r gonna hang that scream door soon

then we can gets air in the house.

My dad dont live wif us no more

but he gots himself a real good resterant

and we gets to eat ther fir free

my dad n his resterant

hear he is in fromt of the sign on the hyway

he gots himself a real nice new wife too

her name is eunice

hears her bride pitur


my uncle carl works at the licker store

hears his store

carls licker stor

hears a pitur of uncle carl and aunt martha

carl n martha

I go to skool too

I tooks shop class so's I can bild thangs

this was my shop teatcher Mr Manly

mr manly my ol shop teatcher

he don't teac ther no mor, was somethin bout

child mole-is-station

so now I gots to tak cookin class wif Miss Bhula

miss new cookin teatcher

on Sunday we go's to chruch too

my church

the pasture is real good at preachin

hears his pitur from the revival

pasture milford

My gramma let us live wif her when

mom was in rehab so's I loves her alot

and wunt to put her on hear to. so hear is my

gramma...she was sleepin when I made her pitur.

gramma sleepin

Hear is a pitur of Gramma's trayler

she gots a big one cause she gits grampas

so-shul-suck-yer-a-tee money

We also gots selebratees in the park

they won the triplit bueaty contest at the park

so I guess Ill puts ther pitur up to

the selebratees

ther names are maxine paty and lavern

pattys girl used to be my gurlfriend but

I dont likes her no mor.

hear she is anyways since she went to that

fancy pitur place to get her pitur made and all

(her names sallymae)

sallymae ol gurlfrend

sometims we have partees at the park

we gets lots of people ther too

heres a pitur of the crowd

partee at the park

that one was for my ant bessies birfday

hear she is eatin her cake

aunt bessies birfday

she says ya gotts to wear yur birfday suit

when ya eats cake

hear is a pitur of ant bessie man clyde

he was shopin at the Foodliner when they made this


Hear is a pitur of the Foodliner..they gots good deals

The super at the park is my real good friend to

he lets me peel his back when he gots sunburn

his name is Grover

Grover..the super

Grover is real funny sometims

he gots a negro friend and he made this pitur

of him once..I thunk it wus funny to put it up hear

grovers frend peeples ben a'askin fur mores abouts da Park..

so's her ya go's

DJ at da bus stop

hear is DJ awaitin on the skool bus to carry us ta skool

I gots mah camera out special fur ar first day bak!

Hears the pitur I tooks on da bus of my frend Spanky

an hear he is at the skool danc

Spanky at skool danc

Hears a pitur of r skool

unkel Leroy gots a new job werkin at da car wash

we gets free towels from em

hears a pitur of my unkel Leroy

Dads kin moved on inta da Park at

Christermis..I dont knows how they am kin to me zacly tho

Hears a pitur of ther trayler at da Park

They gots themsefs a rel fancy big car too!

Moms frends from the bar gots maried

I din't no's they could do them kinda mariges hear in NC

but I gess theycan..we dont knows that negro man

he just gots in the pitur somhows

we had lots o fun at da weding!

they had fansy duck lookin birds at da wedin

til Philip jumped in da Park pool n ascared them away

Yancy was thee bride made..hears his pitur

it was one FANSY WEDIN I'll tell ya that much!!

Even cusin Ophelia shoed up

hear she is

she gots her hair don special from The BeutyRama

Mr Bland done her hair

Brandon n Scott likd to dance at da weding

James was the singer at da wedin

he likd to sing tv theem songs!

My new gurlfrind Glenda comed wif me to tha wedin

hears her pitur

I gots a pitur of the Utopia Trayler Park owner

he don't likes his pitur made but this one time I gots it!

He lives in a house without whels..what fun is that???

Hes name is Frevel Langford

Well that was da excitin happns this month

I'l keep ya posted on da new stuf

We's had one sad month..

We's losted too Park peoples to deaf

I thoughts it wud be nice too puts up

this tributte to them..

Josef was one nice man..they puts him as ded long

time ago..buts he just now realy dyd.

OK did dye 11 yers ago...but we's just found her

last weak...she was China ease so no ones noticed

she wasnt around much.

We gots a nu piture house with three

difernt theeaters..

hear is whats a playin this weak..

Hey we gots a problem at da Park

and maybe ya'll can help us out

we gots to get a new Seppic Tank for da Park

If ya clicks hear ya'll can find out hows ya can helps us out

Click hear for da info!!

Grover whent on vacasion too Nu Yurk Citee

he finaly gots the pitures he made deevelopet

hear he is n what he says is Centrel thier aint no traylers their!!

He founds himslef a girlfrend to

Her names Marleen

We gots a new gam we plays at da Park

we hopes it helps us wif the seppic tank releaf fun

We had a new fambly move into da Park dis weakend

I likes to puts thir pictur up wen they mooves in

so hear meat the Van Halen Fambly

Michael, Michelle and baby Mullet Van Halen

Hear is thir trayler they gots a utillatee room

builted on to!

I gots a knew link fur all'yall to checks out!

Dis guy gots to traevl ALL over!!

Dah guy ons this page says he had visions. I dunt no what dear meat

hasta do wif God, butt hes pritty darn luky!

Jeezus talk'd to him! Wow I wishs hed'a talk too ME to!

We gots us a knew nabor his name is Bob Magoo..

hes somes kinda minister or sumthin

he gots all these stones he brawts from his contry I rack.

I founds out dat dah Butter Cow Lady

is mah MawMaw on mah Dadies side

if'n ya'll clicks on dah bummer sticker

it'l takes ya too her enter net sigt.

She maks cows n stuff from butter...preety cool!

the next piturs are just people I knows from

the park,

thanks for visiting!

larry is good wif truksmary babysits kids for freepat looks lik a man...but wers girl clothes

Larry Mary Pat

rick liks peanutbuttor and so does his  dawgthey say teds not right...but I likes himthey say derek is gay...he must be..he smils alot

Ricky Ted Derek

There ya'll life on one page of the enternet!

HEY YA'LL checks out the nu peple that moved on into



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Cliks on da sighn and tells me wear ya livs...Its funn!!!

thanks to the fine folks at for the pics

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