It is a truth universally acknowledged, that any man in possession of inordinately large amounts of free time must be in search of a life. 

I lynched this from someone's description of himself. How I wish, I had studded this sentence myself, as an original effort. This one sentence conveys me to you in a nutshell. A person in a hurry does not need to know more. The above lines trap the essence of my entire existence within them. 

I am indeed in search of a life...any life....that I can call my to the end....and end....whose purpose is not to exist, but to live.

My name is Amitabh, aged 26(in 2001) and strongly believe in the Kurt Cobain sentiment, 'life ends at 32'. as soon you hear that word, do I see you smacking and assuming hazaar stuff about me, that you generally associate with Cobain. I am not sure thats what I want you to carry along with you, since I am not that way at all. I too live on the edge, but thats not by choice, thats by force( a choiceless choice...if I must say so). It would be honest of me to say, that I found Cobain more than interesting, and find the whole story of his life, natural in the circumstances he lived it in.... the man who sold the world!!( just like David Bowie did years ago). 

Little birdie has flown away???