I Am James Nesbitt!!
Wiggerdy Wiggerdy Woo! Hello fans, James Nesbitt here, famous Irish actor, lead singer of Limp Bizkit and icon of cool! I have decided to start my very own webpage because, well, I am great and I don't need a reason for you. Ha Ha! You may have seen me in such fabulous television programming as Cold Feet, Murphys Law, Ballykissangel, Soldier Soldier, Playing the Field and I was also once on Ready, Steady Cook, but I lost. (Bloody Jimmy Hill!). I have been in films too you know. Yes thats right. I was in Waking Ned, that was good and a new film called Lucky Break, which was shit. Yes, but that wasn't my fault. Jimmy Hill had been singing outside my bedroom window all night and i was so tired that i couldn't get to sleep. So i ended up being just plain rubbish at acting and ended up looking like I do in the background, as a scruffy young sir. Hmmm, quite right. I have also released three albums with my band Limp Bizkit. They were all good, except the last one, but that was Wesleys fault, so i sacked him. Auditions for a new guitarist are taking place now so do apply. You may get in, but I doubt it. BO!
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Its me! Aren't I a sexy beast. Grrr, tiger. Spiffing..
Important!- Cold Feet, starring me and some untalented fools is back Sunday 18th and Monday 19th of November at 9pm on ITV. You get to see my pert bum as well.
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