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Since I didn't tell you much before, I am going to start with my birthday party that happened in January. Mom got me a HUGE cake from Three Dogs Bakery. Because Mom decided on a Scooby theme, they put a big Scooby on it. She and Dad brought it to my school and totally suprised me. They even brought Scooby hats for everyone to wear and served us on Scooby plates. All the teachers at my school were there and the people sang "Happy Birthday" to me. At first though, we went for the whole cake and tried to eat it out of the pan.

I also have been going rafting much more frequently. Mom and Dad even got me my own raft. Pictures of the captain in the U.S.S. KC are coming soon! Now, I really don't like to swim in the water, I just stand in it. Its really cold and I don't like to get my head wet.

Sometimes Dad chases me on the river bank.

Sometimes I chase him.

I go to a different park now. Its not really a park, it actually used to be someone's front yard. A really rich person who is dead now. No one lives there anymore. But its fun. I go with my friends Max and Sabotchka. I don't think that's the right way to spell her name, but I don't know how else.

Here I am explaining how a rabid dog might look and behave.

Sometimes we just chill out, and sometimes we wrestle. Here I was the referee.

For easter, I got another goodie from Three Dogs Bakery. This big rabbit you see here was my easter cookie. I ate it with gusto!

This is my pet, Hammie. He is a hamster. That is like a mouse, but fluffier. He drives a plastic ball around the house. I tried to taste him once and I got in trouble, so I can't play with him outside of the ball.

This is my email friend Bas. He lives in Holland and he is leading a campaign to inform dogs and their people about the dangers of Pig Ears. He almost died from one! Go read Bas's Pig Ear Warning

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