I need help.

I've been working 2 jobs this year while trying to study at the same time in order to save up money to be able to move to the UK for 2005. I'm having trouble because I've been denied a job at a new store because I was too expensive so I am back to 1 job. I would usually become a home delivery driver at times like this but I am about to sell my car to help pay for the plane tickets

I am going to the UK to be able to be with my partner of 4 years. She was going to do the 1 year break with a friend, however, her friend backed out only recently and had to go to Canada to support her partner. The exchange rate for Australian dollars to British pound sterling it not great. on average we get 0.38 pence to one of our dollars.

I also have to have enough money saved up to be able to pay for bond and rent for when I return home to Australia again in 2006 until I can find a job again.

Any donations are appreciated, I have been working hard to try and save up enough money but I certainly need help. If you don't want to make a donation, thankyou for spending the time to visit this page.