What is wargaming you might ask?

It is war reenacted on a table.  Many web sites are devoted to it and it is a bigger hobby then you may realize. 

I wargame in a fashion like no other. I combine my love for model building and my love of wargaming.

Built on a 4'x8' table sits 3 inches of sifted dirt. The landscaping is real and the table is flocked with grass and trees.  Everything is in 1/72 or 1/76 scale.  Many items, such as the sandbags in the pictures to the left are hand made.  My main rule is-I don't use it if I'd get mad if it gets destroyed.  Thats right, destroyed.  The pictures below are before and after shots of a battle.  How is such destruction made?  Marbles!  The larger the marble the bigger the gun.  Most all buildings are snap together or made of cardboard so they absorb the punishment with no damage.

Having over 5000 1/72 scale hand painted men, over 500 model tanks and airplanes I can replicate any battle ever fought in WW2 as well as the American Civil war. 

I cast some of my own sandbag bunkers with resin. I have even started writing a book with my personal rules to wargame by. I started my collection around the age of 12 and hope to enjoy it for many years to come.

WW2 German 81mm mortat crew in action
WW2 German Waffen SS troops in a trench
WW2 French tanks and guns await a German attack
American Civil War Union troops advance WW2 Russians advance into a German occupied town
WW2 French town, German soldier dashes for cover while a 88mm gun [far end]  awaits the first American tank to enter the town
Same town as above after the fight began
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