The Multifaceted Manea*
Many people find me an enigma. I started this page to help bridge the gap of understanding me. I built these pages for people just like you, who are curious enough to look and explore. No matter how you find me, remember this:
beauty (or replusiveness) is in the eye of the beholder.

Manea aka Quasa
The Quasa Factor

Manea's Shehe*

Manea's Living Goddess, Angelina Jolie*

Manea's Pagan Communities

Manea's Blue Book of Shadows

Manea's  Health Discovery

Manea FAQ

Manea's Multiverse

Manea's Eyes

Manea Deck

Manea Friends*

Manea's Picture Book*

Manea's Test results

Manea's LiveJournal*

Manea's All Is One Gardens

Manea's Spritual Beliefs

Ancestor & Memorial Grove*

Manea's Art Gallery

Manea's Modern Art Gallery*

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Update Manea:

Sorry but yahell has not been allowing me to update this site since 10-04 Many things have changed. Ellen and I are "divorced" so are Samir and I. I am single now. I go to Metro and am a full time psychology student. See my livejournal for more recent updates ( I was shocked to find out that the Shehe page has been viewed the most (over 1300 times) Thanks for visiting! I'm not sure how I am going to work this thing out but thanks for being patient.