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Hi. Let me tell you about myself. II like to eat. Sometimes I drink. Often times I even sleep! And then in between all of those, I'll need to go to visit the bathroom. Most of the time I do all of those, practically everyday! And sometimes I do things with other people. I used to go to school, but now I work.  My favorite color is pink. Yahoo!
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My hobbies and interests include fly-fishing, solving algebraic equations, traveling in foreign countries, singing karaoke on Yahoo! chat, catching butterflies, pushing pixels, building sandcastles, playing online games, daytrading, building mosaic tables, bowling, fingerpainting, and people-watching.
My best friend is Tim. My girlfriend is Alison. They're the best. My closest college friends are Aaron, David, Lianne and Eric. You can visit their sites below.

I have a mom, dad, and two sisters. One is older, one is younger. I'm the middle child. I'm also the only boy. I also have relatives in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Jan (older sister)
Judy (younger sister)