Look, I'm a member of Livejournal like alotta people and I was runnin through friends friends friends lists and I came on to this comm - Being Samsara. In it there's a msision statement about how they're gonna change the world and open people's minds and stuff.

It's a bunch of hooey, and it has to be stopped. Whoever these people are, its obvious they're building some sort of mouthpiece for liberalism and that's just not cool by me.

They seem like they might be dedicated enough to change smoe minds with the lies they tell and the "experiences" they might relate, and we have to stop them now before they get out of hand.

They claim that they 're not political, but you know its a matter of time before whole issues are devoted to trashing our President, who has done a great job and I don't get why people bash them.

I did some research on the folks involved, and most of them are really liberal and seem to be involved in a secret cult of some kind, because they keep making references to monkeys that they give crack to...

We have to stop them!!!!
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