About Us:   Steve & Lori Hollingsworth
Hey all just an update on the whats up and goings on......

Still at Guitar Showcase and running the music school there (Showcase Music Institute)

*Velvet Jones Band*
Steve Hollingsworth-Vocals
Mike Robles-Guitar, Backup Vocals
Geoff Ganz-Bass, Backup Vocals
Mark White-Drums, Backup Vocals & Band Bookee
AND of course....
Lori Hollingsworth-The Girl that LOVES VELVET JONES!(aka: pain in the ass)

Velvet Jones gigs about once or twice a year..... 
I Know I'm Having FUN AT LEAST!
Velvet Jones the Band that keeps on playing and playing only question is: What Mark is going to get us into this time? You KNOW it will be a once in a lifetime load in/load out OR Some TRAIN Ride-(Tracks) Jet Airline Ride-Boat Ride-Lost Isle- Camping- Musical Experience!
And there will always be a story.....  0:)

We Got Married!
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Now for the "other band"        
~The Switch~
Steve Hollingsworth-Vocals
John Wedemeyer-Guitar
Tim Allen-Bass
Bryant Mills-Drums
& (the girl that sits there)

The Switch Plays....
(Campbell)- Every Sunday

On Friday and Saturday Nights:
Toons Nite Club(San Jose),           Mtn Charley's (Los Gatos),       Britannia Arms- Almaden, 
Britannia Arms-
Downtown San Jose,    King's Head Pub, Stoddard's,
#1 Broadway (Los Gatos)
                       to name a few......
If you want to know dates
                                 email us: