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Merry meet! Sit and stay a spell!

I don't know how you found me, but you did and now I suppose it's my duty to entertain you. But I'm busy right now, so you'll have to keep yourselves amused. For your consideration, I present the following stuff:

me ,
a not-so-lovely pic,
my tattoos,
a song of tremendous importance.
my beau Bo (NEW CAR 9/17),
Bo's godson Anthony James,
our green cheek, Echo,
our sun, Tera,
our beloved Clio,
Shelly and Claude, the Crabs (NEW PAGE),
caring for birds,
my bestest best friend, Tina,
my other friends .
random crap on the web,
not-so-famous quotations,
stuff that pisses me off ,
my Cow Parade,
my dragon,
bad poetry,
incomprehensible stories.
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We remember Eddie.

Tera and Echo's Photo Album
Central High- 256,
The University of Pennsylvania,
Penn Pagans,
Pi Lam,
Whoremongers and Fornicators.

Proud Member Pagans Unite!

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