All About Eve


Evelyn Lambert has led a rocky life. She never knew her father, and grew up with her mother, who always seemed to have a new boyfriend, and her sister. While she was in college, her sister was in a fire and needed surgery. In order to help out with the expenses, Eve took any job she could, ending up working as an escort.

As an escort, she met DV Bordisso and conceived a child. She hid this fact from DV and later lost the baby. DV showed up years later in Port Charles claiming the boy had survived, but it was not true.

Eve also had an affair with Dr. Bennett Devlin while she was in med school. When Dr. Devlin was killed years later in Port Charles, Eve was a suspect but it was found out later that the killer was Julie...and later still, Greg Cooper.

After a while in Port Charles, Eve started in a relationship with Scott Baldwin. Eve also became good friends with his daughter, Serena. Then, one night, thanks to some tampering from Lucy, who was jealous of Eve's relationship with Serena and never liked Eve in the first place, Eve was taking Serena home and the car ran out of gas. Eve got out to get some help and a sleeping Serena knocked the car into gear. The car crashed and Serena was temporarily blinded. This caused Scott to be so mad at Eve, that they broke up. Eve later found evidence that Lucy had siphoned the gas out of her car and interrupted Lucy and Kevin's wedding with the proof.

A few months later, Eve became involved with Kevin Collins. He helped her discover that DV, who turned out to be Scott's biological father, was lying about their son. In May of 2000, Eve and Kevin were married, and apparently happy.

Today, though, Kevin is preoccupied with Livvie, who he believes to be either his daughter or niece, and Eve is hunting down the cause of the blue dots in a medical mystery. It is this mystery which brings Eve together with Ian, who she has been spending more and more time with. Just recently, when Eve discovered that Kevin was lying to her as well as telling things to Lucy that he was not sharing with her, she ran to Ian's apartment, where the two shared a kiss that they later decided was a mistake. At least that's what they said...

Biography written by me. Please do not use without my permission.

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