Definitely Ian


Ian Thornhart came to Port Charles in May of 2000 after spending some time working with Doctors Without Borders. He is a doctor who believes in treating everyone, no matter what their financial status may be. Since coming to Port Charles, he has set up a free clinic for those in need.

He has a certain confidence in his work that comes off to some as arrogance. Ian is always dedicated to his patients, though. He has even gone so far to punch Dr. Boardman when he was standing in the way of helping a patient. Ian will even go so far as to use non-traditional treatments if he believes that it will help the patient in the long-run.

On the romantic front, we have not seen Ian in a relationship in his short time so far in Port Charles. It is clear, though, that as he and Eve search for an answer to the mystery behind Bob Green and the other patients who have arrived at General Hospital with blue dots on the back of their necks, that Ian Thornhart is falling in love with Eve Lambert. This was clearer than ever on October 31st, when caught up in the moment, he grabbed her and kissed her.

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