Port Charles: 
What You Need to Know
Dynamic Duo:  Kevin and Eve
Love Notes:  This duo dated bck in late 1998, when their exes, Scott and Lucy, reunited.  Love blossomed while the armchair detectives sleuthed after the General Homicide killer and Eve moved into Kevin's lighthouse for protection (uh huh!).  They became inseparable.
State Of The Union: The happy couple wed in May, but the honeymoon was almost over before it began when Rachel's loopy mother, Estelle, poisoned the wedding cake.  The couple faces a number of threats to their happiness, No. 1 being Rachel, who blames Kevin for the death of her sister (and Kevin's ex), Grace.  The dueling shrinks are sparring over the affections of Livvie, Grace's daughter, whom Rachel raised as her own, but we now know was Grace's love child with...Kevin!  And if Rachel really despises Kevin, why did several of their most vitriolic arguments end in a kiss?  Hmm.  Problem No. 2 is the fact that Eve seems to be developing feelings for hunky Doctor Ian Thornhart, while Kevin is eyeing the couch with former love Lucy.

Lone Wolf:  Ian
Background Bites:  Roguish newcomer Dr. Ian Thornhart joined the hospital staff earlier this year and soon became smitten with fellow doctor Eve.  Knowing Eve was newly wed to Kevin, Ian denied this attraction and focused on his work.  Ian befriended a depressed Lucy, who was still reeling over the disintegration of her marriage to Scott.  Ian showed Ms. Coe that she could help herself by helping others, and she reciprocated by funding Ian's new clinic.
State Of The Unions:  Despite Ian's efforts to stay away from Eve, he bonded with her while investigating several mysterious illnesses at the hospital, and confessed his love to the new bride, followed by a smoldering kiss.  If that weren't enough of a threat to the Collins union, Kevin's former fiancee--the suddenly single Lucy--is proving to be more than just a shoulder for him to cry on.  So, look for Kevin, Lucy, Ian and Eve to be playing musical chairs with each other for a loooooong time to come.
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