(From SOW, January 23, 2001)
    Eve has more reason than ever to hate Lucy now and that's saying something.  This week on Port Charles, she finds out that Lucy tampered with the DNA results -- leading everyone to believe Eve and Ian were DOA after Ian's car blew up.
     "Eve is extremely pissed off,"  relates Julie Pinson (Eve).  "Who wouldn't be?  Right down the line, if it's not one thing it's another with Lucy and Eve.  One more reason why they are never going to be friends."
     Garcia is the one who tips Eve off.  Lucy is arrested, leading to a jailhouse catfight.  "Lucy calls the lighthouse wanting Kevin to bail her out," details Pinson.  "Kevin's not home; Eve takes the call.  Eve goes to bail Lucy out with the thought that 'I'm not going to let you use my husband anymore and let him come to your rescue like you always do.  Quit dealin' with my husband, quit talkin' to him, quit doing anything with him.'"
     Eve's exasperation with Lucy is exacerbated by the fact that Eve isn't clear about her own relationship with Ian.  "Lucy's sixth sense knows there's something more between Eve and Ian, more than Eve is willing to admit," continues Pinson.  "Eve is trying to put on blinders as far as Ian goes and concentrate on Kevin.  She's trying not to listen to anyhting Lucy says, but some of it hits home.  So that makes her even more confused.  She doesn't know if these thoughts she's recalling are dreams, fantasies, if it really happened...  She sees Ian, and there's this unexplainable force that's drawing her to him.  She doesn't know why she's having second thoughts about her marriage."
     Thoughts she tries to bury by suggesting that she and Kevin renew their wedding vows.  "Let's make this part of my life solid," Pinson explains.  "What better way to cement your life than by re-cementing it?  By lying to yourself?"  Kevin, of course, doesn't argue with her plans, but neither does he volunteer that he slept with Lucy when Eve was "dead."
     After her dustup with Lucy, Eve decides to return to the place where Harris held her and Ian captive.  Will that help her remember the love she has for Ian?
                                                                   -Travis Kinsey
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