Little Tidbits
(Small mentions that are too small for their own page)
Thorsten Kaye endured teasing by co-stars about his on-set nickname:  "Torso."  (From "When You Wish Upon a Soap Star, ABC SID, December 26, 2000)

Stop:  In Depth Plot Point  If only Ian had left town when he had the chance!  Not long ago, he was approached by a member of Doctors Wihtout Limits, the group for whom he worked before joining the staff of GH.  Since then, he's been fired, fallen in love with a married woman, and now gotten them both kidnapped!  (From "Storyline Recaps," ABC SID, December 26, 2000)

It's Only My Opinion 
My jury is out on the new format and truncated stories on Port Charles, but I have to say the acting on the "new" PC has been phenomenal.  Thorsten Kaye's monologue about the 13 children who died on his character, Ian's watch was heartbreaking. (From SID, January 2, 2001)

Subtlety, Anyone? Port Charles' Harris might have a better shot at sleeping with Eve if he wasn't so ridiculously blunt.  (From "The List," SOW, January 9, 2001)

Star Talk
If you could change anything about your character, what would it be?  Julie Pinson:  "I think Eve is too nice.  I think she went from the extreme bitch to extreme nice.  Eve is a very independent woman and sometimes they're making her too mushy with Ian." (From SID, July 24, 2001)

Does Ian miss his counseling sessions with his deceased sister, Granya?  According to Thorsten Kaye:  "Very much so, but Ian doesn't have much time for chess these days
." (From SOD, July 24, 2001)

PC's Ian. He browbeat Michael for being in love with "another man's wife."  Wasn't Eve married to Kevin when Ian fell in love with her? (From "Losers," SOW, August 21, 2001)

The Fang Gang
After being praised for his tortured and volatile performances, Brian Presley quipped that he's been basing the new Jack on Thorsten Kaye.  "You ought to see this guy when the cameras are turned off.  We're talking vampire!" Brian teased.  (From "The Gossip," SOW, August 21, 2001)

The Rise of Fall
Ian and Eve held fast onto each other (and to their unborn child), but nature may prove to be their biggest foe yet.  The expectant parents deal with the consequences of Eve's premature labor. (From SID, September 4, 2001)

Port Charles
Fan Club Dinner An unexpected appearance by Thorsten Kaye had fans leaping to their feet in anticipation of a glimpse of his handsome dimples. (From "GH/PC Fan Weekend," SID, September 4, 2001)
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