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On the planet of Falatron, there of exist a team of fighters on as the X6. They have one mission, and that is to train for challanges and fighting. The 20th member of the X6 is the leader, known as "The Guy." The current elder "guy" lost his life in a battle with an unkown evil force. Now with the evil force ready to destroy the X6 forever..... unless somebody can rise to the challenge and take the position of "The Guy."
Welcome to my Stinkoman fan site. Everyone who visits this site should take note that Sinkoman was created by homestarrunner.com and this site is mearly a fan fiction of him. I do not intend to use Sinkoman for profit in any way and I am mearly creating this site for entertainment purposes. If I have offended the Brothers Chaps, the great creaters of homestarrunner.com and Stinkoman, I apologize and yahaoo has e-mail adress for you to contact me.