The Renewal, First Encounter - Front Cover 
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Author Ian J Cue
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The Renewal, First Encounter

By Ian J Cue

Copyright 2003

Published by Mill Creek Metro Publishing

Library of Congress Control Number 2003106842

ISBN 0-9741989-0-0

Cover photograph: Jekyll Island, Georgia

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     Orchestrated by two dolphins, two lonely people meet after both are taken on a journey out to sea. Lounging on her yacht late at night, Lindsey is badgered by the dolphins to follow them. Their continual enticement causes her to succumb to her curiosity and desire for adventure as she is led dangerously far from shore. And Harrison, a man who is lost at sea after falling asleep on a catamaran, finds that he must put his trust and faith in these dolphins to take him to safety. At the end of their journeys is a mysterious, Eden-like, island where they meet. Together they find that the island contains important artifacts of the fabled Atlantis. The mystery is enhanced when they meet Aquaneme, a kind of caretaker of the island. A seemingly spiritual person of great wisdom, he reveals the accounts of Atlantis and of mankind’s pre-flood plight. Lindsey and Harrison are maneuvered into participating in an Atlantin ritual as their suspicions of Aquaneme begin to intensify! What is the outcome? That is for you to read and find!


PHILLY:101 [Newspaper Review] Rating: Highly recommended... this book ... is a very interesting and provocative piece of work. Cue has a very unique writing style... The Renewal really is the ideal "underground classic." ... when you're done reading it, you find yourself thinking about it for a long time.

Marti Papp [Radio] Host of “Mind Over Matter” – says, “I’ve read thousands of books, interviewed hundreds of authors …Oh what a surprise! The Renewal is what I call an “onion book” - revealing layers of introspection. … There is romance, intrigue, and adventure … Read it - there is something for everyone!”

Anne Clarke [Professional Editor] – says, “His writing has a very definite style … it would be appropriate for a wide range of ages [high school] in addition to adults…In fact, it’s an excellent study in building scenes and situations through the use of adjectives and adverbs. … You really picture the things he is describing … I wanted to keep reading it….”

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