Part One - The Notion Of Unity


Some New Information





We Are All One









A Consciousness of Love


·        But, if this is Who We Are – the offspring of ‘God’, i.e. The All-That-Is – and it is so magnificent, why isn’t life on this planet already a paradise?  Why doesn’t Heaven already exist on Earth?


·        The answer is simple.  When we take up a new existence in the material realm, we forget Who We Are and so behave towards each other and our environment in ways that are often hostile, divisive and harmful.


·        Thus it is that, having lived in a culture of fear, separation and perceived scarcity for thousands of years, we have experienced so much conflict, suffering and destruction and been brought to our current insecure and/or unhappy situation.


·        Then how, as a human race, can we overcome this predicament?


·        Again the reply is very simple and it is by each of us re-membering Who We Are, i.e. by becoming once again a member of the whole.


·        For once this Notion of Unity, this Awareness of Oneness, starts entering the hearts and minds of all people everywhere, a Consciousness of Love will become established throughout the land.


·        And so our civilisation will inevitably alter the course it is on and then radically change for the better.


Part Two - Putting The Notion Of Unity Into Practice