Part Three – And, Then, Self-Government


A New Social Framework







The Self-Managed Community


·        Thus, while a position of universal togetherness, cooperation and harmony is being arrived at in this new caring-and-sharing environment and the doing of the greatest good, not the accumulation of the greatest wealth, is becoming established as the highest purpose of life, we could:


·        create Community Centres out of existing and/or brand new premises in a variety of places throughout the land and furnish them with the necessary means and facilities for beginning the process of decentralisation from local and central government;


·        establish the catchment area surrounding each of these new foundations by defining smaller Sets (of neighbours), Demes and Parishes, based on the number 7 on average (i.e. between 4 and 10) and arranged out of its existing population/housing stock;


·        transfer the ownership of all land and buildings within the boundaries of these embryonic Self-Managed Communities to all of their inhabitants, including all surrounding areas of industry, commerce and agriculture, and apply the concept of stewardship into all aspects of life;


·        construct suitable accommodation, i.e. Deme Houses (seven per Parish) and Parish Halls (seven per Community), out of existing and/or new buildings, in order to provide meeting places in which a system of Direct Democracy, involving small, face-to-face meetings, delegated volunteers and larger citizens assemblies, can operate;


·        and, thus, enable all those adults who reside within each of these new forms of social organisation, i.e. its members, to develop Their Community, using these participative methods of decision making, according to their wishes in conjunction with those of their neighbours – locally, regionally and globally.


A More Elevated Civilisation