Fanfiction no Raiburari
This is the fanfiction library of the Halls. Here you may find my Digimon and Robotech fanfiction, along with any other fandoms I choose to post here. I don't take fanfic submissions from anyone, although I will provide links to other fanfiction sites some of which do accept submissions.

This page, as well as Fanfiction.Net and MediaMiner.Org are the only places that are allowed to host my fanfiction. I will not tolerate anyone hosting my fanfiction on their site without my written/typed permission (as in, in an e-mail). I also will not tolerate anyone stealing and then changing my fanfiction to suit their tastes; if you want something written, write it yourself.

Dejitaru Kai: Digimon stories

Exedore's Library: Robotech stories

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