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My bum is on the soda machine!  My bum is on the soda machine!

Yup Yup...I said in the comming weeks quite a while ago. Well maybe in the comming months? I have changed a few things. I havent seen/heard from Liz in months. So i'm most likely going to turn it in to just my page. I'm planning on dedicating a bit of the page to Tori Amos. - I love her music! Anyways thats the scoop. *Kisses to all*

Hey guys I know this page hasn't been updated in FOREVER! But in the comming weeks I hope to update this or completely redo it/maybe make a new page.

Todays thought... Or maybe the last two year's thought

If you give a cow chocolate and then shake it, you will have a chocolate milkshake!!! No REALLY!!...I swear!!! You can!!!

-by Lora-

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This is not meant to offend anyone. It is just an inside joke.