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ayo.. sum shit dun happened 2 ME! first off on friday.. i had a great day lol.. still feelin good. well.. it wasn't great at school cuz i got 2 detentions from the STUPID attendance office and STUPID senor sanchez i ain't go 2 the saturday detention cuz i had to go 2 a wedding that i thought was on sunday but i was wrong but i got 1 at 7 tomorrow mornin so i figure thats whurr i'll do ma homework but ANYWAY i had to go get mah phone from Mr. Kennedy (thats ma dean) after school and i missed ma bus waitin on him. so ma guy Josh that i dun liked since like last year n English 2 and ma girls Chymonique n Tiffany used to try to hook us up but when i was single he had a girlfriend and when he was single i had a boyfriend so.. nuthin happened but on friday he was like i'll drive u home Breezy so i was like coo so i'm waitin on him 2 get his phone n he was like yo i gotta go pick up ma auntie so i'll drop u off & then get ma auntie. thats coo i was like as long as i get home.. thats coo. so he drivin me home or whateva n we almost gots a ticket cuz he ain't buckle up and i told him Click it or Ticket! and he juss laughed but ANYWAYS! when he got 2 ma house i took ma seat belt off n i was like i ain't gettin out this car til i get a hug and he was like i am so he unbuckled the seat belt and gave me a hug n tried 2 blow on ma neck cuz he silly or whateva. so he was doin it 2 me and i was like gone Josh that tickle n he was like gimme a kiss n we was kissin or whateva like that and so he was like let me leave before u get suntin started in i was like righ! lol so he left n i went in the house n waited fer mah lil sista 2 get home so i can tell hea the whole doowhop-shabang! ya girl was in heaven so i got in the house n layed on ma bed n watched Moral Court talkin 2 mahself cuz ma sista dun get home til like 2:45/3:00 she was like u feel so better dawg??? n i was like hell yea! lol n i went upstairs n cleaned up for mah aunts bachorlette party and when me and Kiyuanna was cleanin he came ova n we sat outside n we talked 2 him and whateva n he was like what's goin on in thurr n we was like Bachorlette Party he was uuuggghhh ya'll gone have strippas in thurr humpin ya furniture.. balls juice everywhurr.. thats nasty mama n we was laughin cuz he silly or whateva but thats bout it. i fell asleep on the phone wit him... that strippa looked like a monsta but from that tape i seent... put a bag ova his head n it'll b coo lol. and um whatelse that weddin took 4eva n ma momma was mad at first cuz she missed it but she felt better but she gotta think about it like this. ma auntie angel's best friend Aclia missed it too soO.. suck it up n be happy for them. i dunno what i'm doin 2day but when i find out i'll holla back. o yea. CONGRATS DERRICK n AUDREY WHITAKER =] ---> *a d i o s

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ain't shit really happen 2day. yesterday Aaron asked me 2 go with him and i told him that i would tell me 2day but i didn't cuz.. he ain't remind me, and John bit the shit outta ma face in 3rd block. he juss mad cuz his momma kicked him out so not he gotta ride the bus allllll the way from 87th & Morgan aaaallllllll the way to 171st n South Park everyday! HA! thats like a school bus ride a train n 2buses. take him 12years 2 get home. and this scary lookin dude name Russell keep on tryna kiss ma cheek and mah girl Patricia is a dummy cuz she keep messin with this boy that stay across the street from me. He don't even like her no mo and she like i juss can't let go of feelings i had since the 7th grade and i'm like shit i can watch me. & she b like but i don't care no mo anyway so its nothin but i see it like if u didn't care then u wouldn't b mad so u must care because she gave me them flamin hots talkin bout she lost hea appitite. but umm anyways in othe news lol umm everybody i hugged kept sayin i smelled good and we had a fire drill 2day. um whatelse. ummm Shavell keep tryna whoop my ass. that boy need sum sensitivity trainin & suntin was wrong wif ma Trener :( u wasn't all happy like he was and i finally asked Ted why he b givin me the ol fish eye. he was laughin at me and Janell had me waitin on Josh ass talkin bout she wanna mess wit him. she lucky dat i got Alunch cuz had i been late, cousin or not, that woulda been hea yella ass! i gotta test in 1st block 2morrow. i needta finish that worksheet & study & i got Anatomy/Physicology notecards 2 finish. i'mma d0 ma homework cuz i need a A to put up on the fridge :) and now that i'm thinkin bout it i gotta Spanish Test toO! damn they juss packin it on. i ain't even take ma spanish book home. i'll study in luch and CP.i'm suppose 2 have a interview at Walmart soon so.. HOPEFULLY i'll b workin there pretty soon and i gotta interview at Leonas on Friday so yea i'm busy but i gotta do what i gotta do but um thats bout it dawgs if suntin else come up i will defenatly let ya kno.. lemme put these pictures on here and see if i can figure out how 2 make this layout. so ♥ 1love 2hugs 3kisses

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i'm mad that i gotta type ALL this all ova again cuz ma internet timed out. basically i'mma sum everything up cuz i'm tryna add pics n all that good stuff so BASICALLY the boy that i lovED only said that he loved me cuz he wanted 2 have sex with me and when i tried 2 tell my so called best friend she dissed me for some boy after i dissed my god brother and this boy that i RRREEAAALLLLLLLYYYYY liked because he broke up with her. but i'm coo ya kno. i will move on. rephrase ; i have moved on this boy that i'm cool wit name Tre'ner like me & Josh & Aaron so hey i won't b single 4 long so i'll survive. i'm juss so disappointed in Jackie its crazy but i'll b cool jo. i wll be but anywhoO i'll holla cuz i'm watchin Half & Half and Mona kissed her friend so i gotta see what da hell i missed! lol i can't wait til Wednsday or Thursday so the player can come on. THATS MA SHIET! but mah momma got ma phone got cut on so.. if ya kno me.. call me after 9. minutes b free dawg! lol. HoLLa!

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its late. i'm tired ; i'll tell ya bout ma usher concert when i wake up 2morrow. and i'll have pics n what not. i woulda been did dis but SOMEBODY i ain't sayin no names (dwight johnson sr.) act like they ain't wanna pay the cable bill. but umm yea. & i'll have a new song __ if i ever fall in love. that song is hot right? yea i kno cuz i picked it. ummm whatelse happened? me & charles broke up. i'm talkin 2 this boy name Travis that go 2 TF North & this boy name Brian that look like Usher that go 2 Hillcrest with my play brother Anthony. but yea. i'll explain all that when its light outside & when i take ma camera 2 Osco 2 get the film developed. til then --> HOLLA

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i kno ya'll like, whurr da hell dis hood rat go! and i know i know i b needin 2 update more but i'mma get 2 it ; school juss b havin ma ass tired as hell. i mean sleepin like crazy! ummm lemme tell ya tha news. erm i'll say. friday i called Charles cuz he ma "s0-called" boyfriend and his lil brotha Carl answered da phone like Charles went to play basketball and i was like iight coo whateva ; but then i started thinkin on that shit like um ; okay Carl ain't neva answered da phone before but whateva i ain't get to caught up in it. soO.. yestaday, i called him and he answered but his fuckin music was blastin ma damn ears off ma head so i hung up in called again ; then he started talkin but i don't think he was talkin 2 me but i heard mah name but shit, that was bought all i could hear. so i hung up and i tried this 1 mo time cuz i dun wanna give up on him and Carl answered da phone again & the music was gone. Carl was like Charles busy and i was like u kno what? fuck it and hung up. i ain't no rocket science but bitch i ain't dumb. thats sum petty and childish ass shit. if u don't wanna talk 2 sumbody the least u can do is tell them yoself. naw he gone put his lil brotha on the phone. fuck that i refused 2 b played so i was pissed as i felt i was suppose 2 be. so i called ma moms and asked her did she wanna go 2 the show and she was like yea call River Oaks n get the showtimes so ma lil sista was on the computer & she was like i wanna go 2 so i was like and Kaila so she was like coo so ma moms got here i played Sonic wit ma lil brotha or whateva til bout 8:50 cuz the sho started at 9:00 so we went 2 see iRobot --> g00d ass movie ; but anyways i gets home and i tell me lil sista what happened and call Anthony betta known as Lil Tone Tone ť Charles best friend. so0 i was talkin 2 him n he was like Travis said wassup ; i was like shit . now i used 2 talk 2 Travis before i went with Charles but we neva went 2gether but i told Lil Tone Tone and he was like why don't u tell him this on his voicemail & i'm like PEACHES DON'T LEAVE VOICEMAILS cuz he call me Peaches. he was rollin it wasn't that funny but u kno how people be laughin so hard, they make u laugh. . . it was 1 of those kind of thing. but anyway i was talkin 2 Travis on Lil Tone Tone phone or whateva n he like Shorty u kno i got ma whip now n i'm like oOoOo cheq u out big balla sh0t calla! n he like u shud let me come see u some time and i'm like u tell me when u comin n we can g0 ya kno juss lemme know ahead of time cuz i'ma still a kid. i gotta let ma mommy kno whurr i'm goin. so i guess Lil Tone Tone walked in the room n heard our convo n was like get yo black ass off ma phone! n he was like i'm talkin 2 Peaches nigga! and Tone Tone was like leeme talk 2 ma lil sis and he was like iight dis nigga bitchin bout his fuckin phone. u got the number call it ma and i was like iight so Tone Tone was like u needta come out hurr n i was like i'm allergic 2 the pace bus ; whenever i see bus cards i break out n hives n he was like well.. u and Jackie needta come see me and i was like whateva! but he was i'mma call u back mami and i was like iight.. i'll holla tell me b00kie Travis i said adi0s n Travis was like bye baby! but um... thats all fer now.. otha sheit happened but.. i'll let ya in on that when it becomes necessary. tiL then. 2fangas 1LuH

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iight soO i'm talkin toO alicia n dre on AIM and nick slow ass on the phone callin me from work ; when he get fired bet not blame it on me ; but anywho so dre like wh0 look betta __ me, bryan, or ryan n honestly i think bryan is juss ad0rable but dre is cute toO so since i was talkin 2 dre i said him first n bryan like 1.5... he a close second.. like a tie. I gotta please the public lol, and Alicia soO confused on how 2 print her screen and i'm tryin to help her but she got the flookiest keyboard in the world. i mean like i don't understand shit on it. i'm like whateva. but now i'm talkin 2 ma girl Suga n she like everybody that went Taggin with our sponsor for our dance team got shoes and the people that didn't ain't gettin none. I ain't go because the day before we went taggin they got into a big fight and i ain't fightin for nobody except my family so mah momma was like HELL NAW u ain't goin taggin so i ain't go. So now because of that i ain't get my shoes and that sis BULLSHIT if thats the fact gimme all the money that i put into that damn group cause this shit it foul. i can't wait til this damn parade is ova cuz i am so tired of these fuckin people. i needta call Martha and ask her did she go cause she said she wasn't but this shit... i'm mad now. My momma callin Shawn now to see whats really good. cuz she know how i get i will jap out on these people... oooo BRREEAATTHHHEEE inhale .. exhale .. inhale .. exhale lol i'm coo now i'm coo lol.. but thats it o g's triple o g's o g's.. i got practice a 6 today so i'll let u kno whats good when i g0. holla


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